The First Steps

Organising a funeral is usually a role that falls to someone close to the deceased, a family member.

This can be a time of overwhelming grief and perhaps the first occasion on which you may have found yourself organising a funeral.

McGuinness & O’Connell Funeral Directors are here to use our experience as funeral directors to assist and guide you through the process.

In a dignified and compassionate manner, we will assist, identify your requirements and organise a funeral in accordance with your wishes or indeed the wishes of the deceased if that is the case, and providing compassion and care during this period of sadness and grief.

When Someone Dies

When a death occurs, it is important to contact your funeral director at an early stage. In advance of organising funeral arrangements, it is necessary to establish that a death notification is available. The issue of this notice is dependent on various factors such as whether the deceased was under the care of a doctor, living in a nursing home or in hospital, sudden death or other circumstances. Please contact us here at McGuinness & O’Connell Funeral Directors should you require further guidance in this regard.

The Next Steps

Our aim is to use our experience and knowledge to guide you through the decisions you need to make in the days following the passing of your loved one.

Ireland is now a very multi-cultural society and we have arranged funerals from catholic to humanist, religious and non-religious.

On contact, at least one of our funeral directors shall call to your home, a local venue that suits or our offices. We shall then guide you through the process of organising a funeral step by step.

Every funeral is individual and highly personal, and we shall assist you through the process of decision making on all matters required. We shall take on board your wishes for:

  • Care and preparation of your loved one

  • Viewing arrangements for the deceased

  • A morning service or an evening removal followed by a morning service or as occurs in some cases no service

  • Notifications, newspaper notices, and local radio

  • Church arrangements, priest, humanist, singers, floral tributes

  • Cemetery arrangements (burial, cremation or re-patriation)